...to the webpage of the Interfrisian Council. We are the representatives of all Frisians from North-,East and Westfrisia. 
Many Frisians know too little about the culture, the history, the characteristics and the language of their Frisian homelands. This page is an effort to to help eliminate these deficits. 
Frisia is an important region inside the European Union, therefore we also glady invite all non-Frisians to get to know more about us and enter into a dialogue with us. 
The Internet is a basis for communication, however it is not meant to be a substitute for personal contact. 
Dear Frisians, please feel free to use this site as a hub for the exchange of information and opinions. We re looking forward to your contributions. 

Kind regards
Helmut Collmann
President of the Interfrisian Council

(2015 - 2018 chairmansip in the Interfrisian Council

W www.interfriesischerrat.de